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10 Signs of a Jealous Girlfriend

1. Your girlfriend gets all panicky when you don’t answer her calls:

This is a clear sign of being jealous and possessive. If you miss even one call, do you get a line of messages on your Whatsapp and incessant call backs? If yes, you now know what that means. She just cannot tolerate you missing her call irrespective of what the situation was.

2. She expects you to give her the minutest details:

If she expects you to tell her every single detail of your life then it is not cute. When you had food, what time you pooped and how long you pooped are all things she takes keen interest in. Your life is no longer your life because her presence is everywhere in your life and all the time. Being concerned and caring is one thing and wanting to know why you took so long to eat food is another. Understand these signs and put a stop to it.

3. Suspicion is her second name:

Does your girlfriend have your passwords to all your social media accounts? She might have taken the password from you after days of drama, emotional talks and may be few fake tears. If your call is on waiting, she explodes and starts ranting about how you are lying to her and cheating on her and so on. These are clear signs of a toxic relationship. You obviously do not want to be with a woman who doubts every single thing you do.

4. Fighting in public:

Nobody loves to create a scene in public. If your girl does not know to keep a hold on to her reactions, you should probably ask her to. When your girl starts picking a fight in public and starts screaming loudly or starts crying, abusing you, you should immediately put a stop to that. Yours is a toxic relationship if you are the receiving end of all this and it is time that you both part ways. Matured relationships mean a lot of patience and trust.

5. She tags along everywhere:

You no longer understand the term "me time’ because your girl is always there with you. Together forever is something she means it. If she tags along even in your boy’s parties, she isn’t doing it to mingle with your friends. She does this only because she doesn’t like the idea of you hanging out with the boys. She doesn’t trust you and thus wants to tag along everywhere. This is really suffocating.

6. She dominates you and gets you to do everything she wants:

Dominating is a trait and if not handled well can turn dangerous. You do not want another boss apart from the one at work. If your girl imposes rules on you, has a set of defined terms and conditions like you shouldn’t be talking to any other girl or you shouldn’t go out after a certain time and so on, this is insane. She is supposed to be your girl and not your manager or something.

7. She will not tolerate late text responses:

Have you ever made the mistake of replying late to her responses? Even a minute late response is enough to make her all furious and angry. Every time you receive a text from her, you should reply to her text on time. It doesn’t matter if you are in an airplane, in a meeting, in the toilet or dying. She just cannot tolerate late replies. Your girl will either pick up a fight for being so late or she will give you a hard time. And it doesn’t matter how she reacts, because if she reacts bad, take it as a warning sign.

8. She loves Public Display of Affection:

A little public display of affection is fine. However, if you girl loves it to an extent that she doesn’t care even if you are at a family function, then you need to take a step back. The only reason why such girl loves it is because they want you to flaunt her and to show the world that you love her and only her. Lack of trust and insecurity often leads to such situations.

9. Your girl finds ways to demean you:

A healthy relationship should be filled with mutual respect.Fights, quarrels and differences are very common. However when there is belittling, you need to rethink about your relationship. If your woman often criticizes your ideas, your work or anything that you do, this is not a good sign. This is her way of keeping her faults at bay by constantly bringing focus to your flaws or finding flaws. It is not fair that she treats you this way only because she feels insecure about her own self.

10. She talks bad about everyone around:

If your girl talks bad about every person around, this is a sign of her being hateful. If you have noticed that your girl does not have too many good relationships around, it means that she has a lot of issues in life and it also means that she will be possessive towards you. This is because she cannot tolerate anybody else being good to you or you being good to anybody but her.

All these signs are clear indication of a jealous and possessive girlfriend. If your girl is guilty as charged, then it is advisable that you move on from this toxic relation. Also a very important lessons that you need to learn from this is that before you get into a relation, make sure that you know about her past, because what she faced in her past will tell you a lot about how she will be now.

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